Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Copyright: Elena A. Parozzi, Comune di Milano

Milan is creativity: a blend of imagination and innovation applied not only to design, but also to technology and the efficient management of resources. For centuries, Milan has been an outstanding example of “intelligent enterprise,” as a location for experimentation and progress. In this sense, fashion and design are not exceptions to Milan’s practical approach, but an expression of the city’s approach to progressively working towards a positive final result.
These values lie at the heart of the city’s concept of work, in which competitive skills are linked to the aspiration for enterprise and production.
For this reason, Milan plays a leading role in sectors such as fashion, design and architecture, areas in which its international leadership is universally recognized. It is also important in other sectors in which creativity is important, such as publishing, marketing, communications, music, theatre, and entertainment. In the latter sector, a recent departure comprises traditional venues for stand-up comedy, which are now featured on television.
In addition, Milan creates the conditions for generating ideas and values that are encapsulated by enterprise and manufacturing clusters. These can be grouped under the brand “Made in Milan,” representing a mark of pride for an international city.

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(The Bovisa campus will be the venue of our conference on:
– October 13: Sala Arena, PoliHub – Startup District & Incubator
Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, via Durando 39, Milan (
– October 14: Sala Rossa, Politeca, Bovisa Campus, Politecnico di Milano. Main entrance: Via Candiani 72, Milan. Further pedestrian entrance: Via Schiaffino, Milan.
– October 15: POLIfactory, Bovisa Campus, Politecnico di Milano, Milan ( Main entrance: Via Candiani 72, Milano. Further pedestrian entrance: Via Schiaffino, Milan.

In 1993 Milan, with its Politecnico, became the elective birthplace of the Degree Course in Industrial Design, the first of its kind in Italy. The Politecnico is a place of avant-garde training, a meeting point of different cultures. It links architectural and artistic studies, with their creativity and focus on form, to technical, scientific and engineering studies. In addition, this university is noteworthy for its longstanding dialogue with the great entrepreneurial management tradition of small and medium enterprises which enrich the territory of Lombardy and of Italy in general.

The history of the Degree Course in Industrial Design – Design Faculty since June 2000 and now the Design School – is characterized by its constant desire to experiment innovative, experimental development lines that respond to the real market needs of contemporary society.
The Design School in the Politecnico di Milano is today the largest international university for the training of product, communication, interior and fashion designers, both by number of students and of teaching staff.
The Bovisa Campus was opened to students in 1994 when courses started in the area previously occupied by the ex Ceretti and Tanfani engineering works. The regeneration plans for the area aimed to respect and enhance the architectural characteristics of the historical buildings and the general characteristics of a production plant, while seeking compatibility between the preserved and restored parts, and the new university buildings. The historical buildings are now occupied by lecture rooms, offices, the library and the porter’s lodge.
At the heart of the Bovisa campus lies “Edificio N” housing the lecture halls, seminar rooms and teaching laboratories of the Design School, and easily distinguishable in yellow and grey with a glass façade. The large new building known as “PK”, distinctive in its campus colours of yellow, red and blue, has 7 floors, 4 of which above ground, and houses teaching facilities and support services, and the Library.

How to get to the Bovisa Campus:

  • By train – Trenord  (Regional and Urban Railways): Bovisa Politecnico station 
  • By bus –  line 92 (direction Isonzo – Bovisa FN)



(The Triennale di Milano will be our conference venue on October 16)

Since 1923 La Triennale is an international institution which organises exhibitions and conferences about arts, design, architecture, fashion, cinema.
Established in Monza in 1923 as the first Biennial of Decorative Arts, has been located since 1933 in Milan in the Palazzo dell’Arte, designed by Giovanni Muzio and built between autumn 1931 and spring 1933. Conceived by Muzio as an extremely flexible container, it represents an innovative multiuse organism for the period in which it was designed. Created in 1923 as a showcase for modern decorative and industrial arts, with the aim of stimulating relations among the industry, production sectors and applied arts, La Triennale di Milano has soon become the mirror of artistic and architecture culture in Italy.

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